10 Most Anticipated Chinese Dramas of 2021

Chinese dramas have received a steady streak of well-deserved international attention and we are absolutely loving it granted there are so much to love about them like the beautiful visuals interesting and unique stories fresh faces and so much more this year has been no exception as the first half of 2021 has treated us with heartwarming romances to nail biting thrillers and to mesmerizing

historical dramas dramas like word of honor you are my hero and the long valid were spectacular binge-worthy and thoroughly blew us away the last quarter of 2021 has us even more excited as it seems that some absolute masterpieces are about to be released without further ado let’s get this list started

1: Oath of love

out of sight never out of mind we can’t bear the thought of waiting even just one more day for oath of love to air Lindsey’s house world crumbles when her father is diagnosed with cancer and her boyfriend breaks up with her just before her graduation enter her dad’s physician

Oath of love

who brightens up her life and fills it with love the lead lineup for this modern romance drama is dazzling in every sense we have seen Zhao and Andy yang in it after all and the cherry on top is that our multi-talented leads will be singing the soundtrack of the drama honestly we would pay money for it to air right now what about you are you looking forward to the drama as much as we are with so many amazing options awaiting us we’re not sure which to sacrifice our sleep or watching our favorite stars in their new dramas ah who needs sleep let us know which Chinese drama you’re most looking forward to in the comments section down below thanks for watching meddler’s please be sure to like share and subscribe I’m your host at happy squeak

2:  immortality


Based on the mega popular novel and starring arthur chen and leo liu fans are absolutely dying for it to air the drama is set in a troubled period in which the earth is on the verge of invasion by the demon world as a result of a rift in the heavens and the world’s most powerful grand master steps in to help he uses his powers to keep the heavens from splitting while also influencing his misguided and troubled

3: winner is king

winner is king

The story of winner is king may be a little unconventional but it sure is interesting enough a teen almost meets his death at the hands of the wolf tribe but thankfully a man saves him and to express his gratitude the boy starts acknowledging the man as his father figure in a shocking turn of events the boy discovers that he is of royal blood and his savior is a powerful commander of the kingdom we will not tell you that you can imagine how the rest of the story goes especially not when you can just watch it and find out for yourself.

4: who rules the world

who rules the world

Another day another star-studded drama who rules the world has an interesting pair in its lead lineup the handsome heartthrob yang-yang and the young and successful Rosie Zhao their characters are polar opposites just like night and day the male lead is majestic and kind of a badass where the female lead is more suave and elegant the two get caught up in the warfare and chaos of the martial arts world and a 10-year long war but their love blooms amidst all the gruesomeness we just can’t wait to see these two going to the end of the world together hand in hand.

5: Being a hero

Being a hero

This drama goes straight to the top of our watch list like hello the wang ebo back on our screen and teaming up with the chen zhao sign us up being a hero is about two childhood best friends on a mission to bring down the crime syndicate and drug trafficking wangibo plays the role of an anti-drug policeman whereas chiang zao plays a heroic but lonesome policeman whose father was brutally killed by the drug organization k while the duo fight against the evil organization a chain of shocking events befall them the trailer of this crime drama had us on the edge of our seats.

6: Novoland: Pearl Eclipse

Novoland Pearl Eclipse

seems that the sea folklore and merfolk dramas are a hot topic in sea drama right now besides mirror twin cities novoland pearl eclipse is also a historical fantasy romance drama set in the vast ocean in passing a powerful official sees a weak and pleading girl who is a survivor of a cruel massacre in a fishing village he decides to help and support her so she disguises herself as a man and becomes one of his apprentices the girl attracts the attention of the emperor and he falls for her after discovering her real identity is a woman but does she reciprocate his feelings or does she harbor feelings that go beyond friendship toward her master sounds like.

7: Hello the sharpshooter

Hello, the Sharpshooter

sharpshooter this drama follows the story of a skilled sharpshooter suffering from past trauma and a sports anchor who’s had a crush on him for years the sports reporter almost ruins the interview by stuttering but she is determined to get close to her old crush and know why he is so cold and distant along the way she meets many players with different backgrounds and interesting stories the leads are two of the hottest stars at the moment and we can’t wait to see their chemistry on.

8: Mirror twin cities

Mirror twin cities

if you like merman folklore then we highly recommend mirror twin cities it tells the angsty love story between the sea prince sumo played by evan lee and baying played by yuki chen unknowingly the two lovers become entangled in a generational rivalry and a fateful struggle moreover the story takes place in a breathtaking paradise deep within the six realms and the four c’s it’s also an adaptation of a well-known novel carrying the same name and honestly we can’t wait for this one to air.

9: cute programmer

cute programmer

How far are you willing to go to have your feelings reciprocated if you are like luly then you know no limits she likes a boy who is a genius in coding so she goes to the same college as him and studies the same major too she also wants to work in his company but he only hires males what to do pretend to be a guy of course after getting hired numerous close calls of her real identity getting revealed pushed the high and mighty ceo to enter a contract marriage with luly for one year falling for her is something he definitely didn’t account for we are looking forward to seeing the chemistry between the two leads.

10: The psychologist 

the psychologist

How can a person help people get out of dark places when their own heart is trapped number 10 on our list the psychologist handles such an issue starring the talented Andy yang and the handsome jingbo rang the drama tells the story of a troubled psychologist whose clinic witnesses a rise in patients after her collaboration with a radio host who talks about emotional psychology as if dealing with her patients and her own demons isn’t enough she discovers that the people she’s immediately tied with aren’t who they showed her to be we are greatly anticipating such a drama that deals with real life problems and mental health.

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