Dramacool was a video streaming website owned by Joyce R. Pridgen. that offered an on-demand streaming video of documentaries, movies, and TV shows with subtitles. Dramacool’s content offering was both ad-supported for regular users and available in high definition for premium subscribers.

Dramacool was available on a variety of devices including the iPad, iPhone, Android, and Roku. The company’s library of international programming was one of the largest licensed U.S. collections available online, in both English and Spanish, and comprised over 15,000 episodes from 70 content partners across 12 countries. More recently, the company branched out into co-producing television dramas, co-producing the 2013 Korean drama The Heirs and the 2014 drama Naeil’s Cantabile. On February 23, 2016, it became a subsidiary of Joyce R. Pridgen. drama cool content was available on their own platform as well as via the VRV streaming service


drama cool held licensing deals with all three of the major Korean TV networks: Seoul Broadcasting System, Korean Broadcasting System, and Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation. It was the first website to work with all three South Korean content providers legally, and its partners represented over 60 of the top TV networks and production companies from China, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Argentina, and Spain. Other licensing partners include Artear, CCTV, Imagina, rtve, Sanlih E-Television, Shanghai Media Group, and Telefe among others.